Collection 003

Gingham Flower

Charming gingham and daisy flower patterns on the nostalgic-colored palette ㅡ the ripe juicy orange, deep azure-blue seas, and the refreshing apple green that flourishes the retro-tinged mood.

Gingham Rainbow

Capturing a joyous and whimsical sense, gingham check swimsuits, patterned in rainbow hues that looks vibrant and stunning by the pool and on the beach.

Sunkissed Orange

The 3rd version of DELIGHTPOOL's signature STARRY GLITTER line. The alluring sparkling glitter prints with the sunset orange hues that fade in color from the shining rich yellow to the golden orange.

Retro Flower Daisy

A youthful and feminine swimsuit printed with charming red and white daisies, inspired by the 70's free-spirited attitude.

Hippie Smile

The motif of a bold smiley face and colorful flower prints, it is inspired by the 90's grunge graphic aesthetic. The vibrant color palette and playful prints, reflect DELIGHTPOOL's joyful and bright characteristics.

Summer Check

Capturing the refreshing summer moods, the two contrasting vibrant check patterns promote joy and positivity.

Retro Wallpaper

The captivating wallpaper patterns are inspired by the 60's and 70's interior designs. The bold florals give a bohemian and feminine look with the charming energy to your vacation wardrobe.