Collection 005
Hawaiian Dreams

Sunset Beach

In this season, we travel to Sunset Beach, Oahu Island, Hawaii with happy imagination. We captured the beautiful Hawaiian beach scenery, presenting the beautiful moments of the vacation days - the dazzling sunshine and the glow palm trees. Sunset Beach line will delight your body and mind with our joyful tropical vibes.

Aloha Hawaii

Think Happy, Stay Healthy, and Be Responsible.
We make our sustainable lines with 100% recycled polyester, from the wastes of PET bottles. The vibrant and playful, hand drawing motives - palm trees, waves, and the rainbow on the beach make us reminisce the 90s nostalgic Hawaiian vibes.

Orange Checkers

The sun-kissed oranges meet the green checkerboard patterns. The trendy harmony of oranges and checkers will give a stylish summer look with charming energy to your vacation wardrobe. Match with our brown terry collection, to stand out enchantingly by the poolside.

Tropical Forest

Think Happy, Stay Healthy, and Be Responsible.
The tropical forest patterns - the lovely tropical flowers and broad leaves with the shining Hawaiian sunlight are promoting our vacation look vividly. Thanks to the sporty pastel strapes, this lines are well matched with our trendy track shorts.

Hawaii Yacht Club

At sunset, take a sunset sailing trip to Maui, Hawaii. The golden sunset over the sea, the pastel clouds, and the colorful yacht - the beautiful patterns finishes with the hand drawing touch delicately. On the beach or by the poolside, the cool yacht patterns create a sophisticated resort look. Enjoy a perfect clean summer look with Hawaii Yacht Club.